Cows milk

For you to have cows milk,

a calf must be taken away from their mother,

and be fed from a bottle.

OK STATE Bottle Calf

Is this not crazy?

We take away another animal from their mother, so we can drink their milk. Why don’t we just stick to drinking our own?

We are the only living creature, that pro-actively seeks out milk from another species. Strange.

Although, here is a video of a dog feeding a stray kitten – which I think shows, that despite our own human weirdness, that the world overall, truly is a beautiful place.

Disclaimer: I am not a vegan, trying to deter you from dairy. I am about to indulge in a Sunday Roast, so I would be quite the hypocrite if that were my intention. However, the longer I breastfeed, the stranger I find the concept of dairy.

Do any of you feel the same?


Much Love

Lisa – Milky Mammy






2 thoughts on “Cows milk

  1. I was thinking about this the other day when we were giving my son some formula! Isn’t it strange how I might be weirded out if another mum offered their breast milk to baby but it’s totally fine to give baby milk from another animal! is a crazy world we live in! 😂

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