How often should my breastfed baby feed?

How many times a day should I breastfeed my baby?
The average newborn feeds between approximately 8-12 times over a 24 hour period during the first 4-6 weeks. Don’t worry if it seems a lot, you can never overfeed a baby from the breast.
‘I think my baby is feeding too much.’
In the early days, it is easy to feel like your baby is feeding too much, the reason your baby is feeding so regularly is because they are ensuring your milk supply is established. Breast milk works on a supply and demand basis, so your baby is just letting your body they have arrived!
Feeding on demand.
It is important to feed on demand in order to ensure your supply meets your babies need. Usually, babies feed anywhere around every 1.5 – 4 hours. It is possible that after the first month or so, your baby may develop a feeding schedule and you may be able to see a pattern. But the best way to approach breastfeeding is to go with the flow and try not to worry too much about timings. As long as your baby is thriving and has plenty of wet and dirty nappies that is all that matters.
Image credit: jcgoforth on flickr


Information accurate at time of publication.
References: (2017). Breastfeeding: is my baby getting enough milk? – Pregnancy and baby guide – NHS Choices. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Sep. 2017].

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