4 Reasons Why Pink Is Queen Of Breastfeeding

Celebrities are just like us when it comes to parenting – people judge them no matter what choices they make. Unfortunately, it’s rare that celebrities use their status to help normalise breastfeeding – maybe it’s not very high on their agenda, or, maybe they are worried they will receive negative press for it – as let’s face it, for some strange reason there is a lot of controversy surrounding feeding your baby as nature intended!

But in the face of it all, who is our breastfeeding queen? Who sticks her middle finger up to the status quo, the artificial companies and the people who think we are strange hippies because we choose to feed our babies straight from the breast?

Yep, you got it, it’s our queen bee of breastfeeding – Pink!

Image via tumblr

Let’s face it, Pink has been all round amazing since 2001 when she was guiding us through our party days and bad outfit choices, and now she’s back to support us in motherhood!

Pink! is an inspiration to mothers across the world.

Here is a short compilation of times Pink! was an inspiration to us all and helped to normalise breastfeeding:


That time she fed Jameson on a hike.

Image via Instagram/pink


That time she took a double pumping selfie.

pink double pumpig
Image via Instagram/pink


That time she breastfed whilst getting her hair done.

Image via Instagram/pink


That time she featured breastfeeding in her ‘What about us’ music video. (00:46)


Go Pink!


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