Why am I leaking and how do I deal with it? 

Some women never leak when they breastfeed, whereas some women leak from the moment they start breastfeeding until the moment they stop. You may leak from one side, both sides, only when feeding or not at all. Everybody is different, and the amount you leak has no correlation to how much milk your baby is receiving during a feed.

It is common for women to leak in the first couple of months, whilst your milk supply regulates itself according to your babies needs.

If you are concerned about leaking, then you may wish to use breast pads, either disposable or reusable, to absorb any leaks. 

You may find that breast pads with plastic liners can cause you to become sore as the moisture becomes trapped against your skin – therefore, you may wish to opt for breast pads made only of breathable, natural fibres.

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