Will Breastfeeding Make Me Saggy?

So after finding out all the benefits of breastfeeding you’re now determined to feed your baby as nature intended, however, you’ve heard from some of your friends that breastfeeding can make your boobs saggy, and you’re wondering whether or not it is true.

Well, you’re in luck, this is a complete myth, breastfeeding does not make your breasts sag.

Unfortunately, sagging breasts are mainly down to genetics, so it really boils down to luck whether or not they will sag. Your breasts start to change from the beginning of pregnancy, but sometimes these changes go unnoticed until post-pregnancy, as all the focus is (understandable) around the bump – this means people tend to think the changes have only happened as a result of breastfeeding, which is untrue.

From around 6-8 weeks into your pregnancy, your breasts are likely to start getting bigger, and they will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy – it is common to go up a cup size or two, you may even get stretch marks as a result. As a result of this, it may leave your breasts feeling a little less full, which may make you feel like they appear to be saggy.

Remember, your body is amazing, whether saggy or not – so try not to worry to much!

Image via https://goo.gl/images/6BbNXm

However, if you are a little worried, and want to try and reduce the appearance of sagging, click here for more information.

One thought on “Will Breastfeeding Make Me Saggy?

  1. oh thank goodness it’s a myth. I had super tiny boobs to start with and now when they’re full of milk, I feel like a victoria’s secret model without the push up bra…. that’s until the little one drains me and I’m back down to being tiny yet again hahaha. I definitely don’t want to be tiny and saggy in the future.

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